How many millions does Google pocket when YouTube scams advertisers?

Youtube slaps ads on scam uploads and collects dough from advertisers who look the other way.

It’s not news that Google doesn’t take kindly to anything standing in the way of revenue.  Its business practices on YouTube are no exception.

In order to stuff the mother ship’s coffers, YouTube will monetize just about any crap upload, whether it’s a terrorist recruiting videos or scams linking to pirate websites.  When Google monetizes these uploads both it and the uploader make money from the ads.  Does anyone care about this dirty income?

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No surprise here, links to pirated copies of “House of Cards” at the top of Google search results

Today’s Variety features an article by Todd Spangler with the headline, “House of Cards’ Searches on Google Turn Up Pirate Links as Top Results.”  Color me not surprised in the least. Perhaps folks are noticing because House of Cards is a popular Netflix original series that just launched its second season but the fact that pirate top the list in Google search results is nothing new–just ask musicians and filmmakers.  According to Spangler: In a Google search for “Watch House of Cards” on Wednesday, the top two results were links to apparent pirate sites, and; Netflix showed up third. WebProNews reported...

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Google’s demotion of pirate search results earns a FAIL so far

Google’s anti-piracy pledge fails to pass muster Yesterday I wrote a blog post expressing skepticism about the promises made in Google’s latest update to its self-serving “How Google Fights Piracy” report.  The report made headlines thanks to word that Google finally appears ready to move against the plethora of pirate links found via its search engine.  In its report Google made this claim: In October 2014, we have improved and refined the DMCA demotion signal in search results, increasing the effectiveness of just one tool rights holders have at their disposal… In addition to removing pages from search results...

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Ashley Madison ads appear on torrents for its hacked data on Pirate Bay

Ad sponsored piracy run even more amok

This has to be the irony of ironies.  According a piece by in Business Insider, advertising for Ashley Madison is popping up on the Pirate Bay in searches for the hacked data.  At the bottom of the results that list the complete torrent to the stolen files there’s an ad for Ashley Madison’s website.  I suppose given all the bad publicity of late, the extra-marital affair website needs to find customers wherever it can eh?

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Could Megaupload have been a success like YouTube?

Kim Dotcom sued by Hollywood studios The legal woes for Megaupload’s founder Kim Dotcom continue with today’s news that six movie studios including Fox, Disney, Paramount, Columbia, Universal and Warner have filed a lawsuit in federal court charging Dotcom and his site with “massive” copyright infringement.  From the complaint filed in federal district court in Virginia: 1. Until January 2012, when defendants were indicted on federal charges, defendants operated the notorious website and service located at (“Megaupload” or  ”Megaupload website”) as a commercial online hub for publicly providing popular copyrighted content, including thousands of plaintiffs’ copyrighted works, over the Internet...

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