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First Look, Facebook’s New Rights Manager Tools

Facebook finally joins YouTube in offering anti-piracy content detection tools

Facebook has been promising for some time to introduce tools that would allow rights holders to automatically detect and remove pirated content from its pages.

The company has endured a lot of bad publicity around the freebooting of viral YouTube videos on its pages, but Facebook’s also long been a place where pirated movies and music found a cozy habitat.  That is–until now. I’ve recently begun to utilize this tool to manage Facebook DMCA takedowns and wanted to share my first impressions, but first a bit of background.

First of all, I’m thrilled that Facebook, with all its resources, has finally begun to take copyright infringement seriously.  In introducing the new tool last month the Facebook development team explained why the company had finally stepped up:

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New report on how (some) companies enable malware’s spread

U.S. firms enable scammers to bait consumers and steal personal info Spam and scams have become a way of life.  Every day my in-box is full of emails warning that my Apple, PayPal or Wells Fargo credentials have been compromised and instructing me to click a link to restore my good standing.  Of course, I’m well aware these are scams but clearly there are many who aren’t. The same thing holds true with websites.  It’s a well-known fact that for many–if not most– piracy peddlers, online malware supplies their lifeblood, their income.  The Digital Citizens Alliance* just release a new...

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Is pirating a movie worth the malware risk? Most say “No.”

The threat of malware could turn people away from piracy Last week the Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA)* released a study that found websites offering free, pirated content were rife with malware.  According to the report, 33% of content theft sites exposed users to malware.  Every month 12 million U.S. visitors to these sites open themselves up to the theft of personal data, or worse. To assess the impact that this malware threat might have on American’s web surfing habits the DCA conducted two surveys on December 10-13. The first examined behavior and opinions of 1,000 Americans, while the second focused on 500 Americans aged 18-29...

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Newhoff responds to Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde

The Illusion of More’s David Newhoff takes Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde to task

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read David Newhoff’s thoughts regarding Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde’s recent interview published on Motherboard please take the time to do so.   It’s truly a must read. Sunde spent a brief time in prison in 2014 for his role in operating the notorious torrent site whose popularity spawned clones around the globe and gave rise to the  well-entrenched meme that piracy was somehow morally and politically justifiable.

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Downloading free stuff online comes with a cost – Malware

Cybercriminals exploit pirates sites to spread malware & steal personal data

Piracy website operators have  always been incentivized by the desire to make a buck, but with online advertisers and payment processors continuing to cut ties, thieves are finding other ways to make money off their content theft. The lure of “free” movies still attracts visitors like moths to a flame, but now, instead of being blanketed with ads served by Google, according to a new study, consumers who use pirate sites risk having their computers infected with nefarious malware.

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