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How Google (Doesn’t) Fight Piracy

Claiming to be a “leader” in the fight against piracy is Google’s first mistake This past week Google issued a report, “How Google Fights Piracy,” in which the tech giant attempts to explain what a great job it’s doing leading battle against online piracy.  After reading it I think a more accurate title would be “Why Google Shouldn’t Have to Fight Piracy Because it Offers so Much Other Good Stuff.” While the report does outline various positive steps Google’s taken (under duress) to mitigate its role in incentivizing and enabling piracy, most of the document reads more like an...

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Google Wants to Pass the Buck on Piracy, but Keep Theirs?

It’s no surprise that anytime there’s discussion about finding effective ways to combat online piracy Google’s name seems to be in the mix.  When the subject does come up, the constant refrain from Google officials is that they’re doing everything they can–but how much is just PR posturing versus real action? Check out Google’s latest apparent stratagem.  In a story by Katherine Rushton published on 2/16/13 in The Telegraph  “Google looks to cut funds to illegal sites,” she reported that the company is pushing payment processors to cut off the flow of money sites linked to online piracy. Google is in discussions with payment...

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How Are Google’s Anti-Piracy Search Policies Working?

It’s been a few months since Google announced a new initiative designed to lower search results for web-sites reported for piracy.  According to Google, legitimate sites would move up and pirate sites would move down: We aim to provide a great experience for our users and have developed over 200 signals to ensure our search algorithms deliver the best possible results. Starting next week, we will begin taking into account a new signal in our rankings: the number of valid copyright removal notices we receive for any given site. Sites with high numbers of removal notices may appear lower in our results. This...

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Youtube Content ID – A Must for Every Indie Filmmaker or Musician

YouTube Content ID isn’t perfect, but it’s something. When Google recently announced a change to its search rankings algorithm--lowering results for known pirate sites–critics asked why the company would not do the same for YouTube , despite the site’s popularity as a repository for pirated films and music. Such criticism seems justified.  After all, Google-owned YouTube, like the pirate sites being penalized, receives thousands of DMCA notices each day.  If they’re serious about re-ranking pirate site search results, how can Google justify YouTube’s exclusion from this self-imposed pirate penalty? As I see it, there’s really only one way that...

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