Digital Citizens Alliance Uncovers (monetized) RAT Infestation on YouTube

From the Digital Citizen's Alliance Report-Selling Rats Whether it’s ISIS recruiting videos or porn, it’s not news that the YouTube monetizes whatever drek gets uploaded to the site.  Now, according to a new report by Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA)*, YouTube is also infested with videos promoting RATS (Remote Access Trojans). RATS are used by hackers to install malware that takes over computers of unsuspecting internet users.   According to […] Continue reading →

Using DMCA to fight Ashley Madison hackers is poor use of copyright law

Ashley Madison Hacked Protecting private data from online theft is not the same as protecting copyrighted content In news first reported by investigative journalist/blogger Brian Krebs, hackers broke into a database containing customer data for web hook-up site Ashley Madison and threatened to post it online. Stealing customer or employee private data is always a bad thing, but what makes this particular hack particularly […] Continue reading →

Google lives on tech’s cutting edge–but in DMCA takedown Luddite-land

blogger-pirates-sites-graphic. Google could learn a thing or two from VIMEO about how to run an efficient DMCA takedown system Love it or hate it, for now the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)  is the law of the land when it comes to safeguarding creative content online.  The law, passed nearly 20 years ago, is woefully outdated, but […] Continue reading →

This week in Google (not good) news

Googleiath Googleiath made headlines this past week, and not in a good way.  Let’s take a look. 1. Does Google Manipulate Search Results? Tim Wu, the legal scholar credited with coining the oft used term “net neutrality” was hired by Yelp to conduct research into Google’s search algorithm. Wu, along with Harvard Business School professor Michael Luca and researchers at Yelp, examined whether Google […] Continue reading →

Australia sees the light, OK’s blocking pirate sites

Piracy profiteers Blocking pirate sites is not censorship–it’s common sense In a move being celebrated by creators worldwide, the Australian parliament has approved the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2015.  The legislation will allow rights holders go to court to request that pirate websites be blocked in Australia. The explanatory memorandum, notes that the purpose of the bill is to “reduce online infringement.” […] Continue reading →